The best science fiction films of 21st century


Science fiction films are based on those scientific creations which do not exist in real scientific world, the things which are not proven yet. These films are being made with the use of much updated technology and this technology is working to create imaginary scientific objects and world. Everyone knows that when films are being categorized in fiction that means that there is still no reality in the story of the film. It is just a thought of the writer and best creation of director. These science fiction films can be about anything related to universal science such as the presence of aliens on other planets and their attempt to take over the world. It can be about animals which can talk and act like human beings and are very powerful, about people who can travel from present to past.

The main theme of these films remain same like other types of films which is good people trying to save the worked from bad people. These films are also full of fights, wars, killing people, horror and suspense but the difference is that the fight happens between humans and imagery creatures which do not exist or have been proved yet.

The first science fiction film was bad when there was only silent cinema in 1902. In this films trick photography effects were used and the name of the film was A Trip to the Moon. This film was made by Georges Melies’. From that time till now film there has been a very big change in this type of films. With the help of technology, the films that are being made are out of class and make viewers think that they are actually in those times.  There are still those films which do not have any act of real humans and the whole films are based on computerized characters.

Here are some best examples of science fiction films which have mesmerized viewers with the use of technology and science.

Edge Of Tomorrow,

This film was made by Doug Liman’s and it is one of the biggest films of today’s time. In this film the main male character performed by tom cruise fights a battle against alien. It was considered the best film of all those which are based on wars between human and aliens.

Donnie Darko

This film was released in 2001 and the writer and director of the film is Richard Kelly’s. This film was just not a simple science fiction film. It also had an element of comedy in it. This film is based on a teenager who faces many troubles in his life and one day a creature dressed in rabbit costume comes in to his room and tells him that the world will end in 26 days.

Dawn Of The Planet Of the Apes

This film was beyond any other film which was made with same theme. The powerful editing, dialogs and picture quality were just out class. This film showed people things which no one can imagine.

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