Desalination In The Industrial Sector

10As we know the shortage of water in all over the world. We also know that this water treatment is increasing day by day. To resolve this issue as much as possible industries are coming up with a different method to clean water which is not safe for drinking such as the water which has salt and other harmful chemicals. Industries are also cleaning and recycling water which has already been used for the industrial purposes like oil and gas removal. Industrialists have their own plants for cleaning water, and they are using different methods to clean water and remove all the harmful chemicals and gasses from water so that it can be used for drinking water and in the agriculture industry.

Flue Gas Desulfurization

This is a very common method for gas removal. This method is not only being applied for desalination but also all those purposes which required acidic gas removal. This process help to remove gasses like sulfur oxide and hydrogen chloride. Flue Gas Desulfurization Process with based technology is also helping to remove mercury. It is a thought that lime is more effective than limestone and it has been proved by removing 99% of SO2 with lime scarabs from electric generating plants. HCl removal efficiencies using lime range from 95 to 99 percent at municipal waste-to-energy plants.  This process is being done by using two methods dry scrubbing and wet scrubbing.

  1. Dry Lime Scrubbing

Dry scrubbing methods start with the direct application of line in SO2 and HCI. There are two major dry processes: “dry injection” systems inject dry hydrated lime into the flue gas duct and “spray dryers” inject atomized lime slurry into a separate vessel. The spray dryer has the shape of a silo and consists on a cylindrical top and a cone bottom. In the top of it, hot gas flows so the lime gets spray near the top of the cylinder with the help of an atomizer and the gas flows out through the bottom of the cylinder. You can see that a small amount of dry lime will collect at the bottom of the cylinder which will have to be removed.  At municipal waste-to-energy plants, dry scrubbing is used for removal of SO2 and HCl.  Dry scrubbing is used at other industrial facilities for HCl control.

  1. Wet Lime Scrubbing

In wet scrubbing, lime gets mixed with water which makes a slurry to be sprayed into a flue gas scrubber. In this method the gas that needs to be removed enter from the bottom of a tower with the shape of a cylinder, After cleaning flows upward through a shower of lime slurry.  The sulfur dioxide is engrossed into the spray and then rush out as wet calcium sulfate.  The sulfite can be transformed to gypsum, a salable by-product. This is the most commonly used method and reason is that it has proven the most beneficial in all methods. It has 99% efficiency rate and 90 percent industries are using this method for Flue Gas Desulfurization.


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